Our Staff

Nursery School Staff Members

Head Teacher – Mrs Fiona Bridger-Wilkinson

Assistant Head teacher  Mrs Louise Griffiths

Senior Teacher:               Mrs L Pinnell

Teachers:                           Mrs S Jones

                          Mrs G Yeung

Nursery Nurses:   Mrs S Randall,  Mrs J Guest, Mrs A Pirouet, Ms C Chandler, Mrs M Smith

Learning Support Assistants:   Mrs T Hawkins, Mrs S Gale, Mrs D Huntley, Mrs D Dogliani, Mrs A Basu, Mrs M Scarr

Office:                           Mrs S Beeson – School Business Manager

  Mrs G Brind – School Secretary

  Mrs H Rogers- Finance Assistant

 Mrs A Nother – Receptionist

Breakfast Club:  Mrs T Hawkins,  Mrs J Guest, Ms C Chandler

Lunch Club:  Mrs T Hawkins, Mrs S Gale, Mrs D Huntley, Mrs A Basu, Mrs M Scarr, Mrs D Dogliani,  Mrs G Banting

Tea Club: Ms C Chandler, Mrs J Guest, Mrs D Huntley

Children’s Centre Cluster Manager:  Mrs S Lawson

Family Support & PAFT Worker: Mrs S Pearce

Family Support Worker: Miss T  Fisher, Mrs A Westall, Mrs J Guest

Children’s Centre Worker:     Mrs L Forkin

Children’s Centre Staff Members

Please see the separate information under the Children’s Centre section where you can find the members of the Children’s Centre team and their contact details.