Specific Areas

These include essential skills and knowledge


We nurture early reading and writing skills and encourage a love of books, stories, singing, poems and rhymes.


We develop our children’s problem solving skills and understanding of numbers, shape, pattern, space and measurement through everyday experiences as well as stories, rhymes and games.



Understanding of the World

Exploring and finding out about the world around them is very much a daily part of your child’s life with us. The children can make and build with different materials, be introduced to technology and begin to understand a sense of time and place in their world. They can begin to learn about their own and other cultures and beliefs.


Expressive Arts and Design

We like our children to be able to express their feelings and tell us of their experiences in many different ways. For example we use painting, drawing and clay, we listen to and make music and we have fun with role play. Children learn about colour, different techniques and artists and we encourage them to use their imagination and creativity.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The ways in which children engage with other people and their environment, playing and exploring, active learning and creating, thinking critically underpin learning and development and support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner.
Our environment is well resourced and we use the space for the children to enjoy learning, to be active and to become responsible and independent learners.