Children with Additional Needs

At Nursery we can usually support children by our staff providing for a child’s individual needs within the group.  We talk with parents and carers to work out together how best to meet children’s needs.  Some children may experience more persistent difficulties and in this case, we will talk about the best way of providing support in line with our policy on Special Educational Needs.

A wide range of challenges may affect a child’s progress and achievements.  We aim for early identification by our staff of children with Special Educational Needs and offer support to children and parents.

We work with a range of professionals who visit the Nursery regularly, including Speech Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Pre-School Teacher Councillors.

The Castle School Nursery class has a base with us in the Butterfly room for children aged between 2.5 and 5 years with a very wide range of additional needs. The Castle school provides education for children who need support over and above that currently provided in mainstream schools. There are up to 8 Castle School children with us at any one time with their own teacher and 2 qualified Nursery Nurses. They also have additional support from visiting therapists.