Home Visiting

Our Nursery School is fully committed to a strong home/school partnership and we see home visiting as an important starting point. As parents/carers, you are your child’s first educators and you have that unique insight into what your child can do and their likes and dislikes.  Sharing this information with us will help us to help your child to develop and grow at Nursery.

We like to introduce the staff that your child will meet when they start at Nursery but in a setting where they are settled and comfortable, which is their home. The members of staff will bring along some Nursery activities to share. During your home visit members of the Nursery staff will explain what we do and fill in some initial paperwork.
The visit will enable the member of staff to form an initial relationship with your child so that they feel welcome on their first day with us. The steps for starting and settling in will be explained and a starting date will also be confirmed.
Information about family circumstances, your child’s development, medical conditions and any other specific needs will be collected so that we can offer the best start for your child. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about the Nursery and the other activities that we offer.